Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that translates as Life-Knowledge, it is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems originating more than 5,000 years ago in India, and is known as the Medicine of the Gods. According to Ayurvedic theory, everything in the universe — living or not — is connected. Good health is achieved when your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe. A disruption of this harmony can lead to poor health and sickness. The primary focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. However, treatments are also recommended for specific health problems. The Ayurvedic treatments we offer here at Mookshi are just a few of the diverse therapies available through the Ayurvedic tradition, and are the treatments that we find to have most benefit for all different types of people.


Abhyanga massage is a traditional Ayurvedic full body lymphatic massage, herbal oils are used. It begins with gentle dry brush exfoliation (Garshana) followed by full body massage that melts away tension & relaxes muscles, bones, joints and tendons. Heated herbal oils are chosen according to your body type (vata, pitta, kapha). This massage reverses aging by nourishing skin and deeper body tissues. Lymphatic massage movements help squeeze out toxic accumulation from channels and clear energy blocks. (60 min $100, 90 min $150 – add Swedhana steam treatment 15min. $20, 30min. $35)

Pedi Karma

A warm oil massage relieves leg & foot tension. Stimulates vital foot marmampoints that correspond to all organ systems. Opens flow of prana to lower limbs. Promotes sound sleep. Cools the mind and grounds us back on Earth. Brings circulation to cold or “tingly” feet and is a good relief for restless leg syndrome. Practioner uses a unique Kansa Vataki massage bowl that is made of three therapeutic metals: Copper – relieves pain, inflammation, arthritis, Zinc – boosts immune system, digestion, good for Diabetes, Tin – relieves headaches and insomnia. (60min $100)


This is an Ayurvedic therapy that involves the pouring of oil over the forehead. A steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead stimulates the pituitary gland, or “third-eye.” ”Shiro,” means head, and “dhara” means flow. Gentle massage is also applied to head neck and shoulders. This treatment is profoundly relaxing and nourishing. It will improve your mental clarity, comprehension, and awaken your body’s intuitive knowledge. It is commonly indicated to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These benefits are further enhanced after a massage, when the body is already relaxed and in a receptive state. (60 min $115, or try a 30 min “mini-shiro” $60)

Experience the most divine ancient therapy
~Take your meditation deeper as a steady flow of warm oil gently flows onto the forehead.
~Stimulate the 3rd eye and crown chakras. Awaken intuition and inner wisdom.
~Improves mental focus and concentration.
~Excellent for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines.
~Release negative emotions and thought patterns.
~Includes Neck & Shoulder mini massage


Complete your Ayurvedic treatments with Gentle Aroma – Herbal Steam Detox, or enjoy this therapy as a stand alone service. (15 min $20, 30 min $35)

~ Traditionally received after an Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) – this is a great pairing for clearing lymphatic stagnation.
~ Enduces a mild sweat.
~ Opens pores allowing herbs/oils to enter into deeper tissues.
~ Releases toxins from the blood and skin.
~ Helps with weight loss.
~ Helps with hydration.

*These sessions take place while relaxing on a massage table covered by the steam tent (head & face are open to the fresh air).

Ayurvedic Healing Bliss Package

A combination of all four Ayurvedic services that we offer bundled together into one rejuvenating session.

2.5 Hours $250