KidsYoga is perfect for yogis who want to continue learning and enjoying the benefits of yoga and for new students who are excited to try yoga for the first time. We offer a non-competitive, nurturing and supportive environment where kids can learn to work cooperatively and practice mindfulness, self-regulation techniques, and relaxation. This kid-friendly, Spring-themed […]

In this class you will learn about and sample different essential oils to support the healthy functioning and nourishment of the associated physical and emotional aspects of the Throat Chakra. Throat Chakra is associated with the neck and throat, mouth and jaw, ears and sinuses, the thyroid and parathyroid gland, our ability to EXPRESS our […]

RELEASE for your respiratory system! Clear out the extraordinary and essential filtering mechanism of your lungs and release any yuk you might be carrying around emotionally, physically and energetically. Practice releasing and EXPRESSING yourself so that you can receive each breath with a fresh sense of gratitude and well-being. Join Anand Meher Kaur (aka Brooke […]

with special guest Octeel on the didgeridoo! Sound Baths are often referred to as “horizontal concerts” because everyone lies down on a yoga mat to enjoy the music and receive the vibrational healing. In this relaxed position and state of mind the Sound Bath begins with a beautiful guided meditation of “dissolution into the liquid […]

Join Shakti Ajeet Kaur (Shawna Ferguson) for a devine morning of BLISS and RADIANCE ✨ • Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. It is the foundation of all spiritual journeys. We practice Sadhana so we can consistently clear our own consciousness, creating a relationship to the infinity within us. • This can be done alone or […]