Iyengar Yoga for the Female Body with Eliza Bishop

Event Details

This Yoga Workshop will present a yoga practice that honors and relates to the female body. Armed with awareness, one can fine-tune their yoga practice to co-ordinate with their own unique menstrual cycle patterns. Practicing this way allows one to establish vibrant good health, and be open to draw strength from the connections with one’s cycles. Without this shift in focus, one’s yoga practice is at best incomplete and at worst depleting and sometimes even harmful.

We will discuss poses appropriate for each phase of the menstrual cycle, from the pre-menstrual phase (supported bridge pose stabilizes mood swings), menstruation (restorative poses allow the body to rest), and post-menstrual phase (inversions allow the body to cleanse and recover). By ovulation, the body is at its peak, and practice can happen with full strength and variety.

We will practice a sequence appropriate for during menstruation. And we will touch on how to deal with pre-menstrual problems, including amenorrhea (failure to menstruate), menorrhagia (excessively heavy periods), and dysmenorrhea (painful periods).

The workshop is open to all bodies. Teachers and students can benefit alike from this comprehensive class. Looking forward to share this beneficial practice with all who attend. To download a free menstrual sequence click here: See you there!

$30 for pre-registration
$35 for drop-in

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