Free HypnoBirthing® Information Workshop With Amanda Klemencic, CTI Master Trainer and Practitioner Come and learn about what HypnoBirhitng® Instinctive Birth™ has to offer. For over 25 years, Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® has been helping women discover the art and joy of learning to call upon their natural birthing instinct. Meet the instructor and have the opportunity […]

Join facilitator Rachael Goss, MA, RYT for an exploration of managing anxiety in these unsettling times. Many of us are feeling the political and social tension in our relationships and in the public sphere. Take some time to connect to your body with a gentle, anxiety-releasing yoga sequence. We will also explore several breathing techniques […]

Third-Eye Chakra Yoga is the right remedy for you if: * you experience “Third-Eye” headaches * you want to connect more with your “awake time” dreams * you want to remember and connect with both your “sleeping dreams” and your “waking dreams” and integrate this information into your day to day * you desire to […]

“Do you love music but become nervous or shy when the opportunity to sing presents itself?” “Do you sometimes have difficulty giving sound to your thoughts and desires?” “Do you wish to be more comfortable sharing in a group, regardless of the size?” Free the Voice is a 2 and a 1/2 hour workshop curated […]

Crown Chakra Yoga is the right remedy to: *balance and recalibrate the entire endocrine system via the pituitary *experience breathing exercises (pranayama) to open the Crown Chakra *go more deeply into meditative states *bring blood flow to the brain and balance the brain hemispheres *practice extended synchronized vinyasas to develop unity consciousness *increase circulation *tone […]

Discover the new practice of Holistic Intuition, and how it will help you get into the flow ~ and stay there. Intuition is the secret to genuine well-being, wisdom, creativity and spiritual awakening. Join us at Mookshi’s lovely yoga studio to learn how to cultivate your inner guidance for body, mind, heart and spirit. Presented […]