6 Week Meditation Class with Bhante Pemaratana ~May 15th, 2015- June 19th, 2015 ~7-8:15pm

This six week class will allow you to be familiar with basic meditation techniques to gradually calm our mind and to develop a sense of equanimity and loving kindness. In each week, you will learn specific technique that will build up gradually to improve your practice of meditation. This class  covers how to find your seat, ways to maintain awareness with body movements, techniques for breath meditation and ways to face common challenges in meditation such as physical pains, drowsiness and distracting thoughts. This is a beginner level meditation class that is rooted in the vipassana (insight) meditation tradition.  Sessions start with some gentle movements, body and breath awareness, guided seated meditation, discussion and blessing. While the instructor is a Buddhist monk, the meditation style and techniques that are taught in this course are secular. Everyone is welcome to learn these techniques to benefit their health and well being.When: May 15th, 2015- June 19th, 2015Meets once a week on Fridays from 7-8:15pmCost: $90 ($80 early bird if registered by May 8th, 2015)Pre-registration required: RSVP @ 412-407-7829Instructor:Bhante Pemaratana is a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. He has been practicing meditation for over 18 years and teaching meditation for 7 years. He also holds master’s degree in philosophy and now pursues PhD in religious studies at the University of Pittsburgh. He has won an award from Transcultural Society for Clinical Meditation, Japan for his research paper on Meditation and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. He is currently serving as the abbot of Pittsburgh Buddhist Center in Natrona Heights, PA