Advanced Reiki Healing Techniques with Alicia Fronczek ~ Nov.22nd, 2014 ~ 1-6pm

Learn more about Reiki, it's origins, and advanced healing techniques that will help you expand your skills and magnify your Reiki channel. This course will expand upon the teachings typically found in the Level I and II Attunements and will hold true to the original intentions and intuitive wisdom of Dr, Mikao Usui. We will learn and practice additional healing techniques and exercises that can be used with clients and also to help develop your Reiki abilities. We will explore additional Reiki symbols and Reiki mudras, designed to create subtle yet powerful shifts in the flow of energy. This workshop is appropriate for any Level II or Master Level Practitioner. This workshop is not an attunement process but a workshop intended to teach additional techniques and share more of the vast amount of ancient Reiki wisdom that can't always be conveyed during the Attunement workshops. Please join us and share with any Reiki practitioners that might be interested!$75 // pre-registration required, 412.407.7829

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