A Guide to Insight Meditation (Vipassana) with Akshay Kapur ~ July 2nd-Aug. 20th, 2014

Class Details:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is an 8-week immersion into insight meditation, leading to a new depth of understanding and meaning about who we are. Setting aside time to fully engage with our body, mind, heart, and spirit can help us escape the noise and busyness of our lives and open our minds to a sense of abiding wonderment. Absorbing the peacefulness of a quiet mind helps awaken our spiritual selves, heightening our awareness of every moment.

Join me during these 8 summer weeks, as we explore:

OUR BODY – We will gracefully move in traditional yoga poses (asanas), embodying a sense of stability and equilibrium within us. Breathing deeply through our bodies, we will experience a sensation of “effort without resistance, ” improving all aspects of our regular yoga practice.

OUR MIND – We will calmly observe our mind in its natural state, going deeper, seeking stillness and tranquility. Building greater awareness of what triggers thought–the origin of it–will help us go to the root of what affects and improves our mental wellbeing.

OUR HEART – We will deeply examine our emotions and rediscover a light-hearted, joyful energy within. To understand how we relate to others, we must first learn to be compassionate with ourselves, an act of loving-kindness that extends far beyond our body and mind.

OUR SPIRIT – We will completely tune into that constant steadiness that guides our sense of purpose in the world. Realizing our permanent state of being helps us more strongly connect and empathize with others on a spiritual level, knowing we share a commonality of experience.

Vipassana means to “see through clearly.” Immersing ourselves in quiet moments reveals an inner voice, a resilient sense of self, that is always present if we just listen for it. Becoming self-aware of the various states of our body, mind, heart and spirit grounds us in a deeper knowledge of ourselves and how we behave in the world. The outcomes of insight meditation can be very personal and long lasting so come join us and experience it for yourself.

Who This Class Is For:

  • You sit occasionally to meditate but have trouble sustaining the practice

  • You seek to deepen your current meditation practice and learn from a guide

  • You’ve heard of “vipassana” and want an immersion experience

Dates:Begins July 2nd, 2014, runs through Aug. 20th, 2014  Meets Wednesdays at 5:30-6:30pm.

Cost:If registered by June 25th ~$120,after June 25th ~$150. CLICK HERE to register for the full series on line. You can also register by calling 412-407-7829.$20 drop-in per class rate.

Instructor Bio:

Akshay Kapur is a meditation teacher, life coach and business advisor. He continues to deepen a 15-year practice of insight meditation by working with individuals and businesses to apply principles of mindfulness in their work and daily lives. Akshay studied yoga and Vipassana in north India and published his teachings online through DailyOM in a course titled, “Find Meaning Within.” Akshay’s mission is to help people live consciously in line with their core values.

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