The NAVEL Chakra Activation: The Inextinguishable Fire-You-Are


Are you ready to begin the journey of a lifetime? Are you ready to battle the demons of doubt and denial and discover yourself victorious? Are you ready to live the life of your dreams and BE THE LIGHT YOU ARE?

Come to the Navel Chakra Activation! At the level of consciousness that is the third chakra, we literally do turn into ourselves. Because we want to OR because we have to, life asks of us unimaginable things and we discover somewhere within us an inextinguishable FIRE and the WILL TO ACT. This is the same fire that legends are made of- Odysseus, Joan of Arc, Frodo Baggins, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Arjuna, Queen Elizabeth, Mahatma Gandhi-so many were inspired by the fire of Manipura, the 3rd Chakra.At the Third Chakra Yoga Workshop we will access this powerful, warrior energy through specific yoga postures, breathing exercises, mantras, and meditations.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you often feel "lost" or "confused" about your life's work and purpose

  • you often feel drained and lack energy and enthusiasm

  • you have digestive disorders*you are overweight*you lack confidence in yourself

  • you lack focus and the energy to complete tasks

  • you want to gain tools to boost your energy

    $ 45-

    18 CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) are available for registered Yoga Teachers through Yoga Alliance IF YOU TAKE THE ENTIRE SERIES. Details please inquire. Brooke is also available for private therapeutic yoga sessions, chakra attunement, and sound healing sessions.For more information go to or contact