Reiki Attunements Level 1 & 2 with Alicia Fronczek September 13th & 14th, 2014

Reiki Level One & TwoSaturday September 14th 2014 :: 1:30 – 7:30pmSunday September 15th 2014 :: 12 – 6pmReiki is a powerful yet peaceful healing energy that is accessible to anyone. Becoming attuned is a process that clears away old physical, mental, and emotional patterns and allows you to tap into the Reiki energy at any point. It’s like taking a quantum leap forward as you jump-start your energy system and literally “attune” yourself to a clearer and higher vibration. You can do self-healing treatments for yourself, work on friends, family, plants, animals, and more. In addition, becoming attuned means that you will become a certified Reiki Practitioner and able to see clients professionally if you wish. Or add it to your already existing practice to deepen your skills and expand your practice. Reiki Attunements are a spiritual and energetic clearing that can benefit, quite literally, every aspect of your life…· Are you wanting to deepen your spiritual path? Do you wish to grow within your meditation or intuitive practice?· Are you seeking more healing in your life? Wanting to clear away old patterns that are holding you back? Are you looking for a more direct way to balance your own energy field?· Do you feel stuck but know that you are ready to make the transition? Do you feel like you are in transition but aren’t sure how to break through?· Do you or does someone you know struggle with a chronic physical condition or disease?· Do you or does someone you know struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic stress or other mental health issues?· Are you wanting to find a way to assist others professionally or do you already work with clients in the healing arts?· Do you love animals? Do you work or volunteer with animals in stressful situations or environments?· Are you an artist seeking to grow creatively? Are seeking a way to more creatively express your authentic self?Listen to what calls you. Come into a greater sense of purpose as you expand your consciousness and move toward deeper levels of healing for yourself, and for those around you.Pre-registration required at  412.407.7829Saturday :: Level One :: $125Sunday :: Level Two :: $125Both days $225

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