Restorative Chakra Yoga and Sound Healing Mini-Retreat with Brooke Smokelin, Dec. 7th ~ 3-5:30pm

Ahhhhh- deep sigh! It's time to take care of yourself, to RESTORE yourself to wholeness, balance, and well-being of body, mind, and spirit. Treat yourself (and someone you love!) to an afternoon of restorative chakra yoga and sound healing to re-vitalize every cell of your being, re-energize each chakra, and re-store your body-mind-spirit into health and wholeness! In this workshop you linger in simple, aligned, and supported (via blankets, bolsters, and other props) yoga postures for each chakra for longer duration (5- 10 minutes per pose) to ease chronic stress and allow deep relaxation WHILE hearing and feeling the healing vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls, the unison, harmony, and octave frequencies of tuning forks, and vocal tones.WOW!You totally deserve this!Call to reserve your spot 412-407-7829.Early Bird Regisration $40 (by November 23)$45 after November 23rd

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