Restorative Yoga for Women's Health ~March 12th,2016 1-4pm

Float away in a sea of relaxation.

Restorative yoga postures melt away physical and mental tension creating whole body health and peace of mind. They also assist the body’s ability to heal injuries and recover from illness by releasing tension that would otherwise impede recovery. As your body lets go of stress and your mind quiets its constant chatter, you come closer to connecting with your true self. I invite you to experience this easy method of self-care and learn ways to use props to do restorative yoga at home.

With the special focus on Women’s Health, you will learn how certain poses can help with a number of life’s challenges, such as, menopause, fertility, hormone balancing, menstrual cramps and pelvic floor health.

Join Reiki Master and Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapist, Ali Popivchak for three hours of nurturing and soothing restorative yoga. Receive some Reiki and Aromatherapy as well, if you like.

No prior yoga experience necessary.

Limited space is available, so please register early to reserve a spot for this wonderful afternoon.

$30.00 For Mookshi Members

$35.00 For Non-Members

Preregistration is strongly recommended.

Please Choose One Below:

Mookshi Members $30.00 USD

Non-Members $35.00 USD

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