Vox Lumina July SOUND BATH Meditation & Musical Medicine ~Sun. July 20th 7-8:15pm

Please join Vox Luminaon her crystal singing bowls& the ELement (Erik Lawrence)on Alto Flutefor a sublime experience ofBlissful Sound & Deep Sonic Healing!Experience the SOUND BATH:Immerse yourself in the healing vibrationsof quartz crystal singing bowls.Let all the cells within youcome into vibrational harmonywith everything around you.Then add to this the blissfulness of a flute,taking you on a beautiful,heart-opening journey.Relax completely.Release.Be All-You-Are.Each experience produces a “vibrationally enhanced alchemical elixir” that is then offered to our beautiful river!Musical medicine is made and experienced by all!Tone. Chant. Laugh. Cry. Sing. Pray. Sit quietly.Open, envision, and allow a whole new way...Bring your friends and family.Arrive promptly.Sliding scale please and thank you: $10-$20call 412-407-7829 for more details

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