Fertility and Prenatal


Fertility Massage Session

Fertility Massage is great for any woman who is preparing her body for pregnancy whether she is experiencing difficulty conceiving or is just looking to support the functioning of her body prior to pregnancy.

Fertility Massage is a unique blend of specific massage, reflexology, deep abdominal work, warm castor oil packs, essential oils and energy medicine for women and men who are looking to naturally increase their fertility while being supported physically, emotionally and spiritually to prepare for pregnancy.

*Full Fertility Massage is indicated in the first half of a woman’s cycle however modifications can be made later in the cycle.

Initial Sessions are
2 Hours/$200 
Follow up sessions 90 minutes/$150
Couples Instruction 90 minutes/$150

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“Transition” Prenatal Massage

A 60 minute pregnancy massage or a 90 minute pregnancy massage that includes a detailed consultation with me, while enjoying a 15 minute soothing lavender foot soak. Following the foot soak I will tailor an aromatherapy blend to soothe your body, mind & spirit. This blend will be used to customize your massage.  The massage may be full body, or it may just pay special focus to any areas of discomfort (achy back or hips). At the end of each session I will guide you on comfortable sleeping positions as well as give gentle stretches to ease tension, and simple exercises to keep your body feeling great throughout the pregnancy!

Initial Session:
1hr 45min. (90 min+Consultation)session/$175
75 min.(60 min+Consultation)session/$125
Follow Up  Sessions:
60 min. session/$100
90 min. session/$150
Couples Instruction  90 min./$150

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“Blissful Mama Session

This decadent prenatal treatment starts off with a soothing Neroli and Orange essential oil foot soak. Then leave your worries behind as you get onto the table for an hour and a half “Transition” Prenatal Massage session. We end the session with a “blissful” mini facial treatment that nourishes the mama-to-be’s skin. It includes a cleanse, warm scented compress, manuka honey mask, rose water spritz, & revitalizing marma points to the face and scalp.  You will leave feeling a blissfully balanced Mama!

2 hr…..$200

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“Earth” Mama Session 

The “Earth Mama” signature pregnancy massage and foot treatment includes not only a full consultation and deeply relaxing “Transition” prenatal massage but also a Sole Smoothing foot treatment that includes a lavender foot soak, sugar scrub exfoliation, and foot reflexology using blissful essential oils and luxurious Shea butter to massage away tension while soothing warm stones melt the aches and pains in your feet from pregnancy. This ultimate pregnancy treatment, guarantees blissful relaxation – you deserve it!

1hr 45 mins…$175
2hr  15mins….$225
2 hr…..$200

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“Induction” Massage Session

After months of pregnancy and preparing for your new baby to arrive, the time is finally here.  Your baby is full term and you are ready to welcome them to the world in which we live! The Induction Massage Treatment starts off with a relaxing lavender foot soak that is followed by warm relaxing Castor oil packs to the feet. While you lay there and relax, allowing your nervous energy to calm and your body to rest in preparation, specific; essential oils, and points are worked in order to get that uterus contracting! Perfect for the anxious Mama to be starting around 38 weeks, or when a formal induction has been discussed by midwife or OB.

75 mins…$125

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“Transition” Reflexology Session

This reflexology session, designed specifically for my pregnant clients starts with a relaxing lavender foot soak, followed by a gentle exfoliation of the feet. Then let the tension melt from your body while your feet are pampered with a Reflexology foot massage including aromatherapy treatment with essential oils that are safe for use during pregnancy. This session is designed to re-balance and revitalize while leaving you feeling totally relaxed. It is a wonderful way to treat those tired feet and prepare your entire body for birth.

75 mins…$125

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“Sacred” Postpartum Massage Session

The “Sacred” Postpartum Massage is a treatment designed to soothe and support you following your pregnancy and birth. Following a detailed consultation, your postpartum massage will be especially designed to ease any discomforts you have following your pregnancy & birth such as back pain and/or discomfort in your shoulders due to breast feeding. Acupressure points and stretches will be used to improve your energy levels and allow you to relax, while specific abdominal massage techniques help to tone and tighten stretched skin and muscles with the help of castor & essential oils.

After delivery, massage therapy aids the healing from the stressors of pregnancy and quickens the natural recovery process by; helping to regulate hormones, restore muscular tone, stimulate lactation, aid in the reduction of fluids and swelling, and increase overall relaxation, rest and well-being. In addition to the physical demands from pregnancy research has shown that Postpartum Massage can reduce a woman’s chance of suffering from postpartum depression.

1 hr. 15 mins…$125*
1hr.  45 mins…$175*

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“Mother Roasting” Postpartum Massage Session

Mother roasting is a rejuvenating postpartum treatment performed about two weeks after the delivery of your new baby. My treatment uses hot stones and heated essential oils to help nourish your Qi (vital energy) and Blood. You will leave feeling renewed, rested and balanced.

This treatment is aimed at supporting the new mother, rather than the newborn. During the birthing experience a woman will have used vital resources often leaving her feeling exhausted, under-nourished, lacking in energy, and often weepy due to the hormonal fluctuations.  My treatment utilizes the body’s own healing mechanisms, encouraging the rejuvenation and circulation of blood and vital energy which are essential to support a new mother. New moms tend to leave the session feeling enriched, deeply fortified and more able physically and mentally to cope with the postpartum period. The treatment has a secondary effect on the newborn as the mother will be more relaxed, rejuvenated and happy, therefore passing this state of equilibrium onto her new baby/babies.

90 minutes…$150

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My experience at Mookshi has been profoundly integral to my wellbeing!
— A.K.


Appointment cancellation and rescheduling:
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. To cancel or reschedule please contact your therapist directly or call us at 412-407-7829 or e-mail wellness@mookshi.com All appointments missed, not cancelled or rescheduled before 24 hours notice will be charged in full. If you are using a package of sessions to pay for said appointment, you will be charged one of your package appointments.