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Ayurvedic Self-Breast Massage & Self-Exam Techniques with Cara Freidheim

  • Mookshi Healing Arts Center 702 South Trenton Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 United States (map)

Self-Breast Massage is a wonderful health inducing and preventative activity that you can do all on your own to support the happiness and vibrancy of your breasts! Ayurveda strongly recommends self massage as a daily ritual to help maintain good posture and a youthful vibrant quality of being. As part of this daily ritual Ayurveda considers breast massage vital for the health of the body and the mind of every woman. During this workshop you will learn the Ayurvedic way of gently nurturing your breast through massage and marma point therapy. Together, the points and strokes on the breast tissue itself help mobilize toxins, fats, the collection of excess subtle energies and hormones which are then carried away via the lymph system, allowing for increased blood flow with fresh nutrients to revitalize the breast tissue. We will explore through discussion the theories behind this practice and then PRACTICE! You will also be shown a quick an easy method for Self Breast Examination. Please wear a loose fitting comfortable cotton t-shit, you will be invited to practice either through your shirt, or under it, so no bras during this class ladies! You are welcome to use our washroom as a changing area before and after class. Massage oil and essential oils will be provided.

$20 per person, preregistration required