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Deeper Well Being Series with Francie Desmone

  • Mookshi Healing Arts Center 702 South Trenton Ave Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 (map)

Working with people for the last 20 years as an acupuncturist and studying natural health for 35 years has shown me 4 distinct areas that contribute to ones health and well being.
Home-Body, Joy and Creativity, Safety First, & Teamwork

We have just one vessel to move through this life and its imperative that we care for it, nurture, and cultivate its natural wisdom. It’s a fallacy that our body is separate from us, just a machine to carry our minds around. Quality food, exercise, restful sleep give it the chance to do amazing things for us. Our home is restful place to recharge it should be a safe peaceful place low in toxins high in happiness.

Joy and Creativity are the things that make life worth living! They are also the tools that help us envision and pull our dreams into the material world. How often do you laugh at yourself and life? Music, fine and low art tap into the energy that runs through everything.

Safety First isn’t only first aid and CPR it’s also about emergency preparation. Have a natural first aid kit at home to care for the simple things keeping you out of urgent care. What’s in your trunk? What’s your plan if a flood, fire, or tornado takes your home away?

Teamwork is how we become our best selves. Who is on your team helping you through thick and thin? Whom do you support? The lone frontiers men is myth that we believe when the truth is that communities make us strong.

Taken together these things are a comprehensive wellness program. Diving deep into the topic you can find out how they are intertwined supporting each other.

I’m offering a workshop in March that may be taken together or if you want you can take one or two depending on your need or interest.

4 Saturdays in March, 2pm-4pm
March 2, 2019 Home and Body Health
March 9, 2019 Joy and Creativity
March 16, 2019 Safety First
March 23, 2019 Teamwork

Whole Series $120
Individually each class is $35

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Francie Desmone is a Licensed Acupuncturist, chef, wilderness first responder, offshore sailor

Call 412-494-8477 for more info or