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Essential Oils for the Third-Eye Chakra with Brooke Smokelin

  • Mookshi Healing Arts Center 702 South Trenton Ave Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 (map)

In this class you will learn about and sample different essential oils to support the healthy functioning and nourishment of the associated physical and emotional aspects of the Third-Eye Chakra, improving and “clearing” how we see/perceive ourselves, others, and our world.

Your Third-Eye Chakra is associated with the physical eyes and eyesight as well as your “inner vision” and sense of “insight”. It is your ability to perceive and be perceptive about things. It is also our memory and imagination.

Third-Eye Chakra essential oils are a remedy for you if:

* you experience “Third-Eye” headaches
* you want to connect more with your “awake time” dreams
* you want to remember and connect with both your “sleeping dreams” and your “waking dreams” and integrate this information into your day to day
* you desire to awaken in your dreams
* you want to improve your vision
* you want to energize the pineal gland
* you desire to orient more toward the Light
* you want to vitalize left and right brain hemispheres
*you are curious about the chakras and want to discover your

Join us for some Third-Eye Chakra Essential Oil education and meditation!

Oils will be provided for use during class.
Please contact me at
if you are interested in purchasing a
Chakra Activation Essential Oils Kit BEFORE the series begins (so that you have your own oils to play with as we explore all the chakras in 2019

Workshop cancellation policy:
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