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Summer Staycation with Leslie Wright

  • Mookshi Healing Arts Center 702 South Trenton Ave Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 (map)
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Do you need a vacation, but are disinclined to contend with summer crowds? You have a wonderful option.

Make Yourself your destination.

Come to Mookshi Healing Arts Center for a leisurely Sunday afternoon of delicious experiences:

Self-Massage, using YTU therapy balls, Restorative Poses, Essential Oils, Guided Visualization.

Instead of gripping a steering wheel and grappling with congested highways heading outward for a summer getaway, turn your attention inward and do a little sight-seeing of Yourself. Using massage balls, you will explore—and then begin to clear—the congestion within your own muscles. As you travel along the highways that traverse your own tissues, you will free the flow of energy along those highways and feel more spacious.

Next you will enjoy a rest stop. You will gather the studio props—bolsters, blocks, blankets— to assemble an extravagant chaise longue — and then you will lounge in it. Instead of sunglasses, you will cover your eyes with cool rose-scented eye pads. In comfort and quiet, you will be encouraged to relax completely.

After you are well-settled, you will enjoy an application of frankincense and then follow a leisurely guided tour of your body: The well-known landmarks. The less-traveled places. Instead of traveling far, you will travel deep. And you will return from your journey refreshed.


There is a space waiting for you.

$25 general public, $20 for Mookshi Yoga Members

Workshop cancellation policy:
If you cannot attend a workshop you signed up for, please cancel 24 hours in advance of the workshop to receive account credit at Mookshi, refunds will only made in the case of personal emergency. Cancellations within a 24 hour period cannot be refunded or credited. If you cannot attend and have someone in your life who is able to take your place at a workshop, please email or call us at 412-407-7829 to make arrangements.