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Tantra Yoga for Awakening -:- Weekend Immersion

  • Mookshi Healing Arts Center 702 South Trenton Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 United States (map)
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Awaken, balance and integrate your inner Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies in this introductory weekend immersion into the foundational practices of authentic Tantra Yoga.

Everything is energy. Everyone and everything in existence is a unique expression of both masculine and feminine energies. Awakening is the process of becoming aware of your True Nature as the living embodiment of these Divine energies. Learning to manage your own energy is the key to smoothly transitioning into ever-expanding dimensions of higher vibrational consciousness and living in alignment with your unique gifts.


Being grounded in the present moment opens up your experience of life.

Through the practice of presence, you release limiting mental patterns such as stress and anxiety, and open your heart to the fullness and richness of experience available to you in each moment.

Using the body and breath as anchoring tools for awareness cultivates grounded presence within you. Without grounding, the mind remains susceptible to the fluctuations of the constantly changing conditions of the movement of life around you. By learning to consciously turn your focus inward through yoga practice, you develop emotional stability and mental balance that will radiate out into your relationships and daily life.

We begin our journey by activating our Divine Masculine energy through a meditative body-based practice. GROUNDED PRESENCE is an intelligently designed mantra vinyasa kriya yoga sequence and yoga nidra meditation to clear your energy, nourish your system through all 5 koshas, and activate grounded presence within you. It includes detailed instruction on coordinating breath with movement AND an ajapa japa mantra initiation, with instruction for using the mantra within your practice.

A higher dimension of this practice is to prepare your system for the awakening of Kundalini by cultivating within you the stability and receptivity necessary to receive higher vibrations of energy.

GROUNDED PRESENCE is presented as a foundation for developing a personal practice.

Friday November 1, 6-8:30pm


Nurture the Heart of your embodied Sacred Self as you explore your Divine Feminine essence through sensuous experience and deep self reflection.

In SACRED SELF CARE & PRANIC NOURISHMENT we will co-create a sacred circle of soul nourishment as we explore the practices of heart-centered yoga through the 5 senses and the 5 koshas (dimensions of being) to deepen your soul-body connection with your inner source of self-healing, wisdom and power.

As you awaken into who you truly are, the space between who you thought you were and who you are remembering yourself to be offers a powerful opportunity to shift your perception and your experience of life. To embody your evolution, limiting patterns need to dissolve so that your vital essence can spring forth and thrive. Love is the way and Self-Love is the first step towards embodying your next highest vibration.

Living and breathing through your Heart grounds your experience in the energy of union and harmony with the universe. Cultivating Love within yourself and for yourself is the foundation and motivation for self-mastery, self-healing, manifesting, and creating in alignment with your unique gifts and your soul’s purpose.

Through ritual, dance, self-reflection, journaling, guided meditations and partner exercises, you will be invited to deepen your connection with yourself and rediscover what truly nourishes every dimension of your BEing -- heart and soul.

You will receive a consciously-crafted SACRED SELF MASTERY Starter Kit and experience PRANIC NOURISHMENT in action as we share a homecooked High Prana Sattvic Ayurvedic meal.

SACRED SELF CARE & PRANIC NOURISHMENT is presented as a foundation for living yoga in your daily life.

Saturday November 2, 1-7pm


Heather Oblak is a Conscious Living Coach, Yoga Coach, Tantra Yogacharya, Ascension Guide, Wayshower, and Creatrix of YogEvolve in Pittsburgh. With a passion for experiential knowing and an unwavering commitment to Self-evolution, her mission is to support and inspire spiritual seekers to allow their inner experience to guide their path of awakening. Her calm presence and deep engagement promote self-discovery and reconnection with one’s inner source of wisdom and power. Drawing from the yoga lineages of Krishnamacharya, Sadhguru/Isha, and multiple streams of Tantra, her approach focuses on embodiment as the pathway to the transcendence of duality and union of inner masculine and feminine energies. Integrating wisdom teachings with practice, she invites you to explore the edges of your lived experience, lean into the unfamiliar, and allow your awareness to open to new possibilities for living and thriving. Rooted in Heather’s deep innerstanding of the spiritual awakening process and her 23 years of experience in applied mind-body-energy work, her offerings are designed to empower you to cultivate a conscious heart-centered relationship with your Sacred Self -- so that in each moment you are moving closer to embodying your innermost BEing and living a life of vitality, authenticity, passion, purpose and presence.




Space is limited and food will be prepared, so pre-registration is requested at least 24 hours in advance for this weekend experience.

Yoga-curious, beginners, and advanced practitioners welcome.
Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.


Grounded Presence
Friday Nov 1, 6-8:30pm

Sacred Self Care & Pranic Nourishment
Saturday Nov 2, 1-7pm
-:- Includes a consciously crafted Sacred Self Mastery Starter Kit & High Prana Sattvic Ayurvedic dinner!

Full Weekend -:- $250
EARLY BIRD -:- $222 through OCT 15
Friday Only -:- $65
Saturday Only -:- $185


Friday participants will be invited to attend our monthly 2nd Sundays Sadhana Grounded Presence Practice Group -- a guided practice of the sequence and an opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, support your Sacred Self embodiment journey, and connect more deeply with our Conscious Living community.