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Special runs Now through Dec.31st, 2015
***Receive a free Infrared Sauna Session for up to 30mins. with every Gift Certificate purchase of $75 or more! Gift Certificates are redeemable for Bodywork, Yoga, Sauna, Workshops, & Retail!

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What does Mookshi (mook-shee) mean? The word is inspired by the sanskrit, “mukshiya”, meaning “liberation” or “freedom”, and is used to evoke a path of consciousness. Owner/director Cara Freidheim chose this word as a subtle way to invite you to engage on a conscious path of awareness and vibrant living. Mookshi Wellness Center is less a “retreat”, and more a joyful and empowering addition to daily life. Our intention is to engage the public in their own personal wellness. Be it through yoga, meditation, bodywork, diet and nutrition, or simply sharing an experience, we believe that these practices will be an addition to your lifestyle and will empower you to live more fully. Through our wide array of healing arts and our community of wellness practitioners we offer space for people to explore their minds, bodies, and spirits.
Visit our wellness boutique… here you will find Mookshi Nature Beauty, Cara’s signature line of all natural body and facial care products. You will also discover locally made eco-conscious active wear, jewelry, and handbags, and a wonderful variety of incense, music, and books. Gift certificates for classes and other wellness services are also available here.
Need a space for your next gathering? You can rent out Mookshi and enjoy your next private event, party, or workshop here. Please call to inquire about availability and rates.

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